February 10, 2005

Carnival Glory - Day at Sea

January 31, 2005 – Day At Sea

Today should be a do nothing day. Went to bed late last night so breakfast was a little behind schedule. I decided to stay in the room, get myself organized and they brought me back some fresh fruit to eat. It was perfect. Since we ate late, it was just enough to hold me off till lunch without feeling stuffed.

Lots of ship board activities today. Time to catch up on you tan, make you decisions on what shore excursions you want to do, nap, read a book or play some games. I tried to do all of the above.

We laid out in the sun while we decided what tours to do. Unfortunately, Carnival doesn’t have the option to book your shore excursions on line until February 12, 2005. It’s nice to have that all settled when you get on board and have it all taken care of.

Next was lunch – today I enjoyed the Oriental Kitchen. Nice choices. There were several different kinds of entrees to pick from.

After lunch, I decided to enter the Slot Tournament. Ha – might as well have gone out on my balcony and thrown my money out the door. The top number was over 12,000, I amassed a paltry total of 1,500. I didn’t even make it to 12th place. The last amount to be posted.

After that the girls decided to play some Mah Jongg. We head off to the library to look for someplace to play. They had tables in the library, but certainly not adequate for Mah Jongg playing. We managed to make due. This is a very small library. Most of the tables were small little round tables, not good for games at all. All the larger tables were taken up with people playing all sorts of games that they provide. They don’t provide any Mah Jongg sets so we brought our own. We ended up playing for a couple of hours, but it was so cold in that room that we ended up leaving. Next time I think we’ll move to the dining room to play. As far as cold goes, everywhere we go on this ship is cold. Our rooms are like meat lockers. I’ve finally turned the heat dial all the way up to as hot as you can make it and it’s started to be just regular cold.

Dinner tonight was formal. Boy, everyone cleans up nicely. Everyone was dressed to the nines. Looking very nice too. The menu tonight was Lobster tails and prime rib plus a few other items. It was delicious. The portions were just right too. We were allowed to order the lobster tail and the prime rib so we could have the surf and turf – both were excellent choices.

Off to the show – no stopping at the casino. Just right down front in the theatre so we can get a good seat. Tonight’s show was singing and dancing by the Glory Entertainers. They were very good. The costumes were wonderful along with their voices and dancing. Well worth not missing.

No casino tonight – back to the room, change and off to bed. I’m exhausted.

Posted by MJ at February 10, 2005 04:55 PM