February 10, 2005

Carnival Glory - Belize City

February 01, 2005 Ė Belize City, Belize

Another morning with no breakfast. We have to be in the theatre early today to catch our tour. We ordered coffee, tea and pastry for our room. It was a nice choice even if we were going to be out all morning on a tour.

The ship cannot get into Belize city. They donít have a pier Ė at all. Just a waterfront where regular boats can get to. So Ė you have to tender to the town on a boat that holds somewhere in the 100 passenger range. Itís about a 30minute ride to the pier. Youíre dropped off right in front of several different terminals that are loaded with shops. The terminals are all new, not the run down make-shift things you run into in some ports.

We decided to take the Mayan Ruins tour of Altun-Ha plus a city tour. A good choice for those that donít want the adventure tours that are also offered. You get a nice tour of the city with plenty of detail on the country statistics. Surprise, surprise, the language of the country is English. Many of the natives use a Creole language that was developed by the slaves so their masters did not understand what they were saying. But, English is taught in the schools as well as Creole.

You board your bus once you finish your ride to the pier and you start with the city tour and some of the history of the country. As much as you can fit into the hour or so ride it takes to get to the ruins. The ruins are in good condition and the guide was excellent. You had two guides were excellent. The guide for the ruins had an extraordinary amount of knowledge of the Mayans and only recently return to live in a Mayan village as opposed to the city. Over all, it was a really informational and educational tour.

When the bus drops you back off at the pier, the shops are all waiting for you. They sell all kinds of wood carvings, T-shirts, prescription drugs, etc. They had quite an assortment of the prescription drugs. More than I ever saw in Mexico. We arrive in Cozumel tomorrow so Iíll be able to see if they now have everything they had in Belieze.

We didnít have lunch before we left so now weíre all starving (only as related to missing a meal on a cruise ship). Back to the ship for some food and cocktails. The buffet was still open plus the grill and the ever popular 24 hour pizza. I tried the hot dog today but didnít care for it. I love hot dogs you buy on the street in Manhattan or at the ball park Ė I call them snappers because you bite into them and they snap. These were the big fat, type you get in Cosco or Sams Ė not snappers. I then ventured out to find something else and found spare ribs on the buffet. They were out of this world. The buffet has been wonderful each day. Plus there was no big line today because we got back around 2PM.

We spent the rest of the day just sitting out on our balconies. Wine and cocktails before dinner helps passes the time. We have late seating so we have plenty of free time in the afternoon. Itís nice to have cabins to come back to and spend the afternoon where itís quiet. On deck and around the pool can be rather noisy when the band and DJ are up there blasting their music. When we all travel together, we open up all the doors between the balconies and have one big party/sunning area. We get to spend a lot more time together and talk to each other. I donít know if I could ever go back to a cabin without a balcony. How spoiled we become as we go from one category to the next.

Dinner tonight was casual. The meal was topnotch. Just like all the other nights. Each night the crew gets to entertain us and tonight we had to join the Conga line to get points for our team. Weíre in last place. It was a lot of fun to see everyone up and parading all around the dining room.

Tonight was a show was a magician. Now, Iím not a magician kind of person. It never impressed me much, but I have to tell you, he was really good and lots of fun. Not only did he do the illusions part of the show, he danced along with the show entertainers. Then in the end, he brings a small young boy out of the audience to help him. It was the best part of the show. The young boy just had everyone laughing through the whole performance. He was adorable. He was 4 years old and a perfect entertainer. He couldnít have picked a better kid out of the audience.

Show done and off to the casino. Spent a few hours throwing my money away and then back to the room.

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