February 10, 2005

Carnival Glory - Cozumel

February 2, 2005 Ė Cozumel, Mexico

What is there to say about Cozumel. Weíve all been here on our past three cruises. Itís becoming so boring.

We decided not to take any shore excursions. Weíve tried several in the past and just arenít impressed with the island. So we had a nice leisurely breakfast and strolled off the ship when we were ready.

We were docked at the pier outside of town along with two other ships. There is shopping at the end of the pier and unless you want to trek downtown, you can usually find everything there. Today we decided to take a cab downtown. Donít ask me why, I guess just for something different to do. The cab costs $6.00 each way. Itís quite a way so I donít recommend walking. They tell you it can be done, but itís about 3 plus miles. If itís really hot, I donít recommend it at all. If you have plenty of energy and nothing else to do, go for it.

So, we get downtown and itís a shopperís worst nightmare. There are four more ships docked at the piers that are in the downtown area. This is the original pier that has been there for years. I was in Cozumel 20 years ago and thatís the pier we used. Much more convenient to town since you just have to walk down the pier and youíre smack dab in the middle of town. Then again that could be a minus too. The town has gotten so touristy over the years and so over-priced; I hate going there anymore. The merchants taunt you when you pass by each store and restaurant. Trying to pull you into the stores and pushing menuís in your face. Itís just not pleasant any longer. When I was there for the first time many, many years ago, it was a sleepy little town with some nice shops and good prices. Now itís huge. It cost me less for the goods in the US than in Cozumel. I priced the medications in Cozumel and it was much better in Belize City. The cost of the medication was more than I would pay for it at home on my prescription plan. Not so in the past. I suppose itís good for people without a prescription plan, but if youíre going to Belize City on your trip, get your meds there.

We head back to the ship and to a nice lunch onboard and some relaxing in the afternoon. Everyone is ready for a siesta. Ed, Lorraine and I have picked up a cold along the way so weíre ready for some antibiotics and a snooze.

Casual dinner again tonight. Canít complain again. No one has had one bad thing to say about the food. The variety has been wonderful and the quality is top notch. Tonight they get us up to dance at our tables. The color with the most people up get an additional 20 points. They give it to white, itís a pity vote Iím sure, weíre in last place.

No party time tonight Ė off to bed early, we have a really early shore excursion tomorrow morning. 8:00AM on the pier.

Posted by MJ at February 10, 2005 04:57 PM